Grand Theft Auto 6 Might Release In 2025 – Here’s Why!

GTA 6 insider

While there is a lot of speculation around the release date of GTA 6, there is a good possibility of the game coming out next year!

Even though Rockstar Games has largely remained silent on the developments taking place around GTA 6, it has not stopped fans from making assumptions and discussing rumors pertaining to the game. One thing that everyone wants to know about is when the game will be officially launched.

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Some fans have been of the opinion that Rockstar will release the game next year as it has been in the development process for a while. Also, it’s almost been a decade since GTA 5 was launched, so that’s another reason why they believe that Rockstar wouldn’t hold the GTA 6 release for too long. Then, there is another section of fans who believes that the game wouldn’t see the day of light before 2026. Take-Two Interactive has also dropped subtle hints about the game releasing in two years from now.

Now, however, a majority of fans are of the opinion that the game would see a launch for itself in 2025. The reason behind it is the statement made by Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, during an earnings call made recently. During the earnings call, Rockstar stated that fiscal 2025 happens to be a “highly anticipated year” for the organization. According to Take-Two, several games which have been in the development process for a while will be launched during this period.

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The official statement further read that the company will be releasing a bunch of “groundbreaking titles” that will prove to be highly important for the growth of the gaming industry. Through these titles, the company aims to score net bookings amounting to $8 billion and adjusted unrestricted operating cash flow worth $1 billion.

Since Take-Two mentioned the term ‘groundbreaking titles’, one believes GTA 6 to be a part of this roaster. This is, after all, one game that could greatly help Rockstar achieve its financial goals and enable it to make the kind of profits it hopes to.

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