GTA 6 Leaked Map Showing Vice City Surfaces Online

GTA 6 Map

A recently leaked map of GTA 6 gives one an idea about the kind of elements one can expect to see as a part of the game’s location!

An image, which allegedly represents a map from Grand Theft Auto 6, has surfaced online. Through this leak, one gets a glimpse of a map featuring a bunch of buildings, greenery, roads and a lake. Since there have been a lot of rumors about GTA 6 being set in Vicer City, fans are assuming that the aforementioned elements are a part of GTA 6.

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GTA fans would remember that another map from the map was leaked a couple of months back. Just like this image, there is no surety of the other map being genuine. While Rockstar Games has been making a conscious effort to prevent the occurrence of such leaks after the infamous September 2022 leaks, such things continue to take place. Of course, most of these leaks come from unverified sources and there is no way for one to check their authenticity at the moment.

A Twitter user, who goes by the handle @kyetweets, shared an image featuring the alleged GTA 6 map. Instead of a full-fledged map, the leak shows just a part of it. Apart from featuring commercial buildings, it offers a glimpse of residential buildings as well. One can also see a lot of greenery and a strong network of roads.

On the left-hand corner of the image, one can see a clean lake. According to the various GTA 6 leaks that have come to the fore so far, fans are quite confident about the fact that Vice City will serve as the location for the game. Some fans are questioning the authenticity of this map as some of the elements, including the lake, were not seen in Grand Theft Auto Vice City.

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Since Liberty City and Los Santos went through a lot of alterations while being reintroduced in the HD universe, there is a possibility of Vice City going through this process as well. In May 2013, a GTA 6 map image emerged which featured a lake. This makes a strong case for those who believe this recent map leak to be genuine. If Vice City truly emerges as the location for GTA 6, it will make all those fans happy who liked this fictional city based in Miami.

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