GTA 6 Might Have Just Confirmed The Presence of Another Actor

GTA 6 leak

GTA fans have stumbled upon a piece of information that, they believe, confirms the name of the second actor to be a part of GTA 6!

In May, GTA fans came across something that seemed to be a GTA 6 tease put out by Bryan Zampella that seemed to have confirmed the fact that he would be voice-acting as Jason, one of the two protagonists in the game. Fans, quite naturally, got very excited by this tease. Those who believed Zampella to be one of the actors started wondering who the other actor could be.

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According to recent reports, Regie Talley might be the other main voice actor in Grand Theft Auto 6. Talley had earlier lent his voice to games like Power Book III: Raising Kanan and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and is quite a well-known name in the voice-acting industry.

The presence of the word ‘Fireball’ has led fans to assume that the actor could be playing an important role in the next iteration in the GTA series. Fireball, according to many fans, is the codename being used for GTA 6.

Talley’s resume states that he is part of a game that is being referred to as Fireball. While several players are of the opinion that Fireball doesn’t have any connection to Grand Theft Auto 6, there are certain facts that point in the opposite direction. Since Rockstar Games has got the remasters of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption canceled, one can safely assume that most of the focus of the gaming company is currently on GTA 6.

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While some of the actors for Grand Theft Auto 6 would have already gotten on board, they might have been asked to use a codename to discuss the game. This further increases the chances of Talley being a part of the game. At the moment, fans have kept their fingers crossed and hoping for Rockstar to give some information about the release date of GTA 6.

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