Grand Theft Auto 6: New Leak Indicates The Game Featuring Multiple Cities

GTA 6 design

Ever since Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, one has come across several reports about different aspects of the game.

The gaming publisher, however, has refrained from sharing anything about the upcoming game officially. Recently, there was news about GTA 6 being revealed in the final months of 2022.

Ever since this news came out, the rumors surrounding the game have been intensified. Apart from fans, people associated with the game have also shared what they are expecting out of it. Shawn Fonteno, who provides the voicing for the character of Franklin in Grand Theft Auto V, appeared for an interview recently. During the interview, he spoke about his personal expectations from GTA 6.

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When the actor was asked as to what he would like to see happen with GTA 6, he stated that he expects characters like CJ, Tommy and Niko to return to the game. He added that he wishes to see these characters being depicted in their true age, that is, the age they would be in the present times. He further said that he hopes to get a glimpse of the kind of situations these characters faced in the recent past. These iconic characters should come back for a big reunion, he said.


Franklin also shared another wish he had for GTA 6. He said that it would be great if the game comes up with a flying feature that gives players the opportunity to travel back and forth from different cities in the game like Los Santos, Liberty City and Vice City. According to him, it would be incredible if protagonists in the game get to travel to these locations and meet some of the iconic characters featured in the earlier version of Grand Theft Auto.

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If Rockstar Games takes Franklin’s wish seriously, the game could go in a rather interesting direction. The possibility of this happening cannot be ruled out as the gaming publisher has, in the past, brought back some of its popular characters from different games back in some form.

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