Grand Theft Auto 6 Report Gives An Inkling About the Game’s Release Date

GTA 6 concept maps

A new report on Grand Theft Auto 6 which has recently emerged online has brought in a lot of excitement for GTA fans.

If the details mentioned in the report turn out to be true, then one would finally have some information about the release date of GTA 6. Last month, Rockstar Games confirmed that it is working on the next edition of Grand Theft Auto but since then, it has remained silent on it and has not shared even a minor update.

Many fans have stated that it will take a long time for the game to release. However, this new report suggests that there is a possibility of the game being unveiled this year. If that really happens, then one could expect GTA 6 to release by end of 2023 or 2024. In the recent past, many insiders and leakers, too, have hinted at this possibility.

The information in the report has been shared via Rockstar Mag’s Chris Klippel. Recently. Klippel tweeted about Rockstar Games arriving at an “important step in the development of GTA 6”. Klippel has suggested that the development process would pick up further speed in the near future and the gaming publisher would formally reveal the game later this year. If this information proves to be true, it would create a lot of shifts in the gaming sector this year.

Klippel also made speculation about Rockstar Games eyeing a 2024 release for the game. However, all the information shared by him must be taken with a pinch of salt as nothing has been confirmed by Rockstar Games yet. As has been a common practice with Rockstar Games, it has refrained from commenting on the claims made by Klippel or the information that has come to the fore through these reports.

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