The Sims 4: NPC Households Get The Opportunity To Make Important Decisions

Sims 4 Thor

In the Sims 4, the Neighborhood Stories system was updated in order to ensure that neighbors and inactive Sims get more power to make major decisions.

One of the issues players had with the game is that if a Sim is not involved in active household duties, they will not have a well-defined personality or power. While they will grow old and eventually die like the other Sims, they wouldn’t have an important contribution in the way the world around them shapes up.

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With the Neighborhood Stories Update, Electronic Arts made an attempt to solve this issue. After the implementation of this update, it has become much easier for players to influence Sims and lead them towards making important decisions. Though players have to engage in a bit of micromanagement now, some of them are bound to like how things pan out in the game after this update.

To make things clear, this new update will enable inactive Sims to tale life-altering decisions without the interference of the players. From adopting pets to taking up a new career, they will be able to take a lot of important decisions and would be now in a better position to dictate the course of their life. The variety of accidents, which the Sims die in, will now also be more elaborate. Even if the neighboring Sims do not have any connection to the active household, they will have absolute freedom to make these choices.

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All this does not mean you will not have any authority over your saves. Electronic Arts has introduced a bunch of options to have some control over the kind of choices NPCs make. They also have the options of disabling their individual choices as and when they feel like.

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