Grand Theft Auto Online Marks The Arrival Of The Halloween Event With UFO Invasion

GTA online hallowen event

Rockstar Games has asked fans of Grand Theft Auto Online to keep looking at the skies to spot the elements they have introduced for the Halloween event.

Players are now hoping to see at least one UFO flying high in the sky. The presence of UFOs is one of the many things Rockstar Games has planned for GTA Online fans for the Halloween event.

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As Halloween approaches, you encounter many spooky elements in different games. Halloween content updates are quite common during this time of the year. Rockstar Games has always been very serious about special events or occasions. Whenever Halloween is around the corner, fans expect it to do something which hasn’t been attempted earlier. In 2015, Rockstar Games brought in a surprise for fans, by introducing a slasher mode along with a set of new vehicles in GTA Online.

A couple of months back, Rockstar Games made an important announcement on Twitter about players getting the opportunity to document the presence of some ‘otherworldly visitors’. Since UFO sightings have been reported in different areas of Los Santos, there is a good chance of players finding the aircraft which got these aliens to earth.

There are several other interesting Halloween events that GTA Online fans can look forward to in the days to come. Countless jack-o-lanterns are now scattered across San Andreas. If players manage to find at least ten of these pumpkins, they will receive $50k as a bonus reward. Apart from it, they will also be given a Horror Pumpkin Mask. It has also been confirmed by the developers that players who manage to uncover all the pumpkins in a single day will receive a higher bonus GTA$. Players also have the chance to rare items.

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