Grand Theft Auto Fans Might Get To Play A GTA 4 Remaster Soon

gta 4 remaster

A prominent Rockstar Games insider has stated that a Grand Theft Auto 4 remaster should happen soon.

While there are many people around who proclaim themselves to be GTA insiders, Matheusvictorbr is someone who has often been proven to be accurate with their predictions and leaks.

While speaking to XFire, Matheusvictorbr stated that there is a very good chance of a GTA 4 remaster being offered as a part of a packaged bundle that would feature three games. Matheusvictorbr’s declaration has rekindled hope in GTA fans who were quite disappointed with the news of the GTA 4 remaster being shelved. This particular piece of information came to the fore a while back and greatly upset those who had enjoyed playing GTA 4 and were hoping for its remastered version to come out.

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In the past, there have been many instances wherein Rockstar Games took the feedback or requests of fans seriously and made suitable implementations in their games. Since fans had been requesting a GTA 4 remaster for quite a long time, one had expected Rockstar to take note of it.

While there were rumors about the gaming publisher working on ideas to put together a remastered version of GTA 4, one soon heard about it being put on the backburner. With Matheusvictorbr speaking confidently about a GTA 4 remaster arriving in the near future, a lot of fans are now hopeful that Rockstar will revive the project.

According to Matheusvictorbr, a GTA 4 remaster is currently being developed and will release in due course of time. While he asserted that the game will be a part of a three-game bundle, he didn’t divulge any details on the other two games.

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There is a good chance of Rockstarplanning to put together a full-fledged edition of GTA 4 as a remaster. This package could have add-on DLCs, the Los and the Damned, and the Ballad of Gay Tony.

There are a few reasons why one finds Matheusvictorbr’s statements to carry a good amount of weight. Recently, the social media handles of Rockstar Games liked a few of the old Twitter posts pertaining to GTA 4. This indicates the developers might have some plans for GTA 4.

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