Grand Theft Auto Online Now Features A New Off-Road Vehicle

Grand Theft Auto Online

Though Rockstar Games’ primary focus is on developing Grand Theft Auto 6, the gaming publisher seems to have made it a point to introduce updates in Grand Theft Auto Online regularly.

Though big updates are hard to come by, Rockstar ensures that players are treated to minor updates from time to time. If packaged well, these minor updates can play an important role in keeping the interests of the players alive in the game.

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Apart from familiarizing players with the CayoPerico race series, the newest update for Grand Theft Auto Online has also marked the arrival of a new off-road vehicle in the game. The in-game vehicle is up for sale for GTA Online players. Rockstar Games has gone to the extent of describing this vehicle as the off-road vehicles’ ‘bare-bones legend’. It has been reinforced by titanium and boasts of a very powerful engine. Players who make the decision to buy the DeclasseDraugur from Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week will be given a Gray Yeti Flat Cap for free.

If you have been planning to participate in the CayoPerico Series, procuring a DeclasseDarugur would be a very good idea for you. The CayoPerio Series offers you as many as 10 different races to participate in. The series is divided into two different sections, off-road and street.

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When you participate in this series, you will move through different terrains like El Rebio’s famed ‘fortified compound’ and the beaches closer to the area. Rockstar Games has announced that it will offer 2x GTA$ and RP for an entire week to all those who participate in this series.

In this particular week, players will get to participate in an additional activity called the metal detector treasure hunt. This activity involves players going for a search operation on the Los Santos beaches using a metal detector.

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