GTA Online: Latest Leak Reveals How Players Can Access the Service Carbine

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GTA Online players shall now have access to the new update’s Service Carbine. A collectible, which is slated to be launched soon, will help him in this process. While they will have to wait for some time for this collectible to be released, they can make some good use of their savings by investing them in some newly launched items.

Precision Rifle, a newly released weapon, is available for $450,000 at Ammu-Nation. Since reaching Ammu-Nation is very easy, you wouldn’t require any guide or support while purchasing the Precision Rifle. However, getting access to Service Carbine wouldn’t be that simple.

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As many as five collectibles have been placed across ten locations in the overworld in GTA Online. What makes the task slightly easy is that data miners have managed to get details on these ten locations.

It is important to remember that players wouldn’t be able to procure the gun on patch day. At the moment, there is no clarity on when Rockstar Games be including this random event. One still awaits the gaming publisher to make an announcement about this.

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The aforementioned tweet gives gamers an idea about the ten locations they are supposed to find out. Those who plan to embark upon this mission should benefit by using the Oppressor Mk II, a vehicle that offers great speed and functionality.

The assault rifles found in GTA Online have always been of high quality and that’s the reason one has good expectations from Service Carbine as well. A YouTube video, uploaded by YouTuberArsen Y, gives players a good idea of what they can expect from Service Carbine. If you have been interested in knowing about the stats of this gun, you should check out this particular video.

Based on the information provided by the YouTuber, one can conclude that the Service Carbine and the Carbine Rifle Mk II have a lot of similarities. The fire rate exhibited by the two weapons is almost the same. Just like the Carbine Rifle Mk II, the Service Carbine boasts of high accuracy.

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