GTA Online Player Discovers Trick To Make Game Look More Realistic


Grand Theft Auto Online was released around a decade back.

In all these years, the game has managed to build a reputation for itself as one of the most exciting and fun games to play online. An upgraded version of the game, which was recently launched on new-generation consoles, received a lot of appreciation from the fans. The new version, which has been titled GTA Expanded & Enhanced, boasts of major improvements and definitely has an edge over the older version.

Interestingly, the PlayStation 5 version of the game scores over the Xbox version in one particular aspect. The former comes equipped with Sony’s DualSense Controller which has emerged as one of its highlights. By utilizing the PS5 controller well, GTA Expanded & Enhanced has made the game far more interesting.

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Rockstar Games has made a conscious effort towards ensuring that the players get to have a very personalized experience while playing the game. The character creator of the game serves as a testimony to this fact. The character creator gives players the freedom to create and alter different characters as per their personal preferences. One has to admit that the character creator appears to be a little dated when compared to the ones you come across in similar games. This is primarily because the game is almost a decade old.

The characters in GTA online have often been criticized for not being real enough. As GTA Online fans play newer games featuring life-like characters, they can’t help but wonder why hasn’t Rockstar Games taken the initiative to introduce slightly realistic characters in their favorite game.

For those who were interested in the settings/sliders for my "realistic" looking GTA Online character from gtaonline

Finally, the gaming community has taken the initiative to ensure the presence of realistic characters in GTA Online. A Reddit user named MYNAMEISHENDRIK carried out different types of experiments with the settings pertaining to the character creator. During this process, they figured out the ideal settings for the character creator. They have also published a video on Reddit about it. In the video, one can see the character of the player, who is named Riccardo. What catches one attention instantly is the fact that the character looks very real and life-like. The clip, which has a runtime of around two minutes, offers a glimpse into the multiple settings in the character creator pertaining to the facial features.

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A large number of GTA fans in the Reddit community showed their appreciation for the efforts taken by MYNAMEISHENDRIK. Many of the users also put forward a request to help them in creating female characters in the game. With the introduction of realistic characters in GTA Online, players are bound to enjoy the game more.

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