GTA+: Rockstar Games To Introduce Online Subscription Service For GTA Online


Rockstar Games has made an announcement about launching a paid subscription service for Grand Theft Auto Online called GTA+.

This particular service will be rolled out to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions of GTA Online. 29 March has been announced as the official release date for this subscription service.

Those who subscribe to GTA+ will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $5.99. This subscription service will provide players with a recurring monthly bank deposit amounting to GTA$500,000. So, after subscribing to this service, players will always have enough funds to spend on the game. Apart from in-game money, the players will also be offered a large number of bonuses that will be reserved exclusively for the subscribers.

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They will also be offered exclusive access to specialized vehicles, properties, discounts and upgrades. Rockstar Games has stated that subscribers will get the opportunity to unlock gameplay updates that many players didn’t experience earlier. As per the gaming company, a lot of GTA-related time-limited content will now be easily accessible to most players.

Rockstar Games has released important information about the kind of content GTA+ subscribers will have access to in the first month of its launch. Between March 29 and April 27, the subscription service will provide players with GTA$500,000 that they can withdraw from their account with Maze Bank. They will get to ride the Principe Deveste Eight, a much-talked-about supercar that boasts of Hao’s Special Works Upgrade. Players will also get the opportunity to visit the popular Auto Shop property situated in La Mesa.

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Another major attraction of this subscription service is getting the opportunity to upgrade to the Aquarius Super Yacht without paying any additional fee. Once you subscribe to GTA+, the Broker PolapsBasketball Top and the Gusset Frog Tee will be included in your wardrobe. You will also get to choose from a large variety of free emblems and paints to be used in the Auto Shop. If you are a member of the LS Car Meet, then you would be delighted to know that your membership fee will be waived once you subscribe to GTA+.

GTA+ members will have the option of buying members-only Sharks Cards that one can procure with the help of additional bonus cash. You can purchase these either from the Microsoft Store or the PS Store.

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