Minecraft Player Creates a Beautiful In-Game Aquarium

Minecraft ocean

There are many factors that have contributed to Minecraft becoming one of the most successful sandbox games in history.

While many credit the game’s accessibility to its success, a large number of gamers have lauded the kind of creative freedom it offers them. Many players also look at it as a very exciting survival game and enjoy it for all the challenges it throws at them. Though it has been more than a decade since Minecraft was launched, the game continues to enjoy enormous popularity and has emerged as one of the most played games on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

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In all these years, innumerable things have been created by players using their limitless imaginations. A while back, a particular player had put together a Cyberpunk skyscraper in the game. Every single day, one witnesses these creative endeavors of the players. At times, one witnesses the creation of an unconventional structure and there are days when innovative machines are created.

While structures, which boast of a certain amount of complexity, get noticed easily, one must also take a moment to appreciate creations that might appear simple but add a lot of value to the game. Recently, a player put together a gorgeous indoor aquarium that has a distinctive visual appeal to it.

Played Minecraft for 6 years. This is probably the most interesting thing I’ve ever built. from Minecraft

Reddit user Programmeter was the player who created this stunning aquarium and captured it on video. Through this clip, one gets a glimpse of the denizens of the aquarium. Apart from different varieties of fish, one can also spot a sea turtle. Towards the bottom of the aquarium, one could see a bunch of sea plants lending a lot of color to the aquarium. The aquarium created by Programmer is huge and almost has a cinematic feel to it.

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