Grand Theft Auto Online Player Gets Defended By NPC

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While Grand Theft Auto Online was launched in the year 2013 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users got the opportunity to try out the game next year, in 2014.

Despite being almost a decade-old game, Grand Theft Auto Online boasts of a robust player base that enjoys playing the game regularly.

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When GTA Online was released, fans found many similarities in the online modes they had come across in Grand Theft Auto 4 and Red Dead Redemption. With time, the developer added a bunch of new DLCs, in-game purchases and modes. The heists designed for GTA Online were introduced in the year 2015. Around the same time, Rockstar Games included some new settings in the game that enabled players to carry out notorious activities like robbing somebody.

For many players, one of the biggest highlights of GTA Online is the interaction it enables them to have with NPCs. Ever since the release of GTA Online, players have encountered NPCs behaving in an unpredictable manner. The open-world gameplay has much in common with the offline mode. Players get the opportunity to rob or kill NPCs quite easily, but there are times when the latter fight back.

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There was one particular instance when an NPC stole a helicopter owned by a player. Then, came another NPC who stole it from the NPC who had stolen it originally. In a post shared recently, Reddit user Vexentiv shared the details of an incident that involved an NPC attacking them. The twist in the tale was that another NPC came forward and saved them.

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Interactions and incidents of this nature are quite common in GTA Online. Once an NPC got aggressive with a player during a heist and ended up zooming off with the bus owned by the player. Players, who have not gone through such incidents, look forward to seeing these getting described in online forums.

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