The Sims 5: Here’s When You Can Expect The Game To Release

Sims 4 update

During the GamesBeat Summit 2021 event, Electronic Arts confirmed that it is working on developing The Sims 5.

While fans are quite excited about the game being developed, they are also disappointed with the fact that there is no clarity about its release as yet.

Laura Miele, the chief studio officer at Electronic Arts, has stated the company is ‘hard at work’ and the entire team is working diligently towards developing the game. No official confirmation, however, has been provided on the release window for this much-awaited game.

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Ever since it was released, The Sims 4 has been provided with a bunch of interesting features and add-ons. The Sims now have the ability to turn themselves into vampires and receive formal education at high school. A lot of things that The Sims 4 fans had been requesting for a long time have been included in the game. That being said, the launch of The Sims 5 would be a huge event for everybody who has followed this franchise for a long time.

Though not much is known about The Sims 5 at the moment, there are a few things that fans expect it to have. Fanmade mods have been requested for a while now and if EA decides to introduce them with The Sims 5, it would attract many players to the game.

For The Sims 5, no release date or window has been confirmed so far. No trailer has been released for the game, so fans do not have much idea about all the new elements it will bring to the fore in the Sims franchise. There have been reports about multiplayer elements being a part of the game. As per Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson, there is a good possibility of the game offering scope for ‘social interaction and competition’.

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