GTA Online: Misleading Command Results In Players Deleting Vehicles Unknowingly

New GTA online glitch

In GTA Online, players get a lot of opportunities to get their hands on a wide range of vehicles.

From high-end bikes to powerful fighter jets, they get a plethora of options to choose from. While players do get the hangars and garages to store these vehicles in, the problem is that these areas do not offer unlimited storage space.

For a while now, GTA Online players have been speaking about the issues pertaining to the interface of the game. They have also complained about some ambiguous options that have led to them losing important vehicles. This particular glitch, which results in cars disappearing on their own, has persisted for some time and has left players feeling dumbfounded and frustrated.

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This particular GTA Online issue comes to the fore when players pay for a new vehicle and look for some space to store it. When players are provided with the option to choose a storage space, they can finalize one of the many garages at their disposal. However, when a player attempts to store a vehicle in a particular garage and it is not vacant, they get a message asking them to get an already stored vehicle replaced with a new one. The player also gets the option to put the car in a garage where there are a few open slots.

When players are asked to ‘replace’ a car, they get the impression that they would have to swap the cars. On Reddit, several GTA Online players have had elaborate discussions regarding how their new car should be stored in a garage. Some also wondered whether the new vehicle should be dropped closer to the player’s location so that they get to store it in a location of their choice. The developers haven’t really paid any heed to the requests or the suggestions put across by the players so far. What happens is the car, after being selected by the player, gets deleted automatically.

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Vehicles getting deleted automatically is, undoubtedly, a huge issue for players. Purchasing a new car in GTA Online costs a lot of money. Many a time, players have to splurge millions of GTA$ to buy a car. Replacing the vehicle would also cost a lot of money. This particular issue has been plaguing the game for a very long time now. Though the solution wouldn’t be simple, it’s imperative that Rockstar Games works towards fixing it.

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