Grand Theft Auto Online Receives Fresh GTA+ Benefits

GTA plus

Till May 10, GTA Online players can avail of some special GTA+ benefits that have been introduced in the game.

The GTA Online weekly update, that was introduced recently, has brought in a large amount of fresh content in the game. Apart from a brand-new vehicle, the updates have also marked the arrival of certain important economy adjustments. Players, who are about to play GTA Online now, can also look forward to a plethora of GTA+ benefits.

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Older players would immediately recognize some of the pertinent changes that have been brought to the game. The Ocelot Virtue free car, for instance, has been replaced by the Karin Boor which happens to be much more economical. Subscribers can also look forward to visiting a free Meth Lab. While the lab has been put up in a fairly unimpressive location, players would be interested in it owing to it being a free property.

The GTA+ benefits are available till 10th May. Therefore, if you are interested in availing these benefits, you should play the game before that. The GTA+ benefits offer something for everyone. While car enthusiasts will be quite excited to try out the Karin Boor Off-Road vehicle, those who visit the Paleto Bay Meth Lab should look forward to an interesting upgrade that will be offered for free. At the Los Santos Customs, the Green Prismatic Pearl Chameleon and New Dark Blue Pearl are being provided for free.

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Players, who manage the Acid Lab Sell Missions, will be liable to receive 50% extra GTA$ and RP. On Street Dealer Sales, players can get 2X GTA$. There are Special Gun Van Discounts being offered as well. Players will also get in-game money, amounting to GTA$500,000, as a bonus.

Those who have been around for a while are well aware of the fact that GTA+ is a subscription service that is available at $5.99 a month. While some players have been critical of this service, many have come forward and subscribed to it.

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