GTA Online Bug Enables Players To Get Railgun For Free

GTA Online Update

A GTA Online bug has made it possible for players to acquire the Railgun, one of the most exciting weapons in the game, free of cost.

When it comes to newly launched weapons in Grand Theft Auto Online that have left a mark, the Railgun tops the list. At $730,000, the weapon is quite expensive. Because of this, many players brushed aside the thought of having it. However, a YouTuber named BORSA GTA has shared important information which would help GTA Online players to acquire the game for free.

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The Railgun is exclusively available in the Gun Van mobile store and might not be accessible to players all the time. It is important to remember here that Rockstar Games goes about shuffling its inventory of Gun Van every single week. Because of this, there are several occasions during which players do not find the gun around.

Thanks to BORSA GTA, players can now acquire the game even when it is out of stock. The popular YouTuber also shared a couple of interesting techniques using which players could buy ammunition for the weapon. The tricks, which BORSA GTA has shared, work equally well on multiple platforms including Xbox Series XIS and PlayStation 5. Many players have already tried these tricks and benefited from them.

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The YouTuber posted a video with the title “How To Get The Railgun Free…No Gun Van Location, Gun Map, &Railgun Ammo” on March 21, 2023. Through this video, BORSA GTA gave players an idea about how they can acquire the Railgun for free. While bugs in GTA Online are known to help players earn some money, this particular GTA Online bug enables them to save the money they would have spent on buying the weapon.

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