GTA Online To Undergo Several Changes With The Arrival of New Updates This Year

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A bunch of updates are slated to release this year which will change the dynamics of GTA Online for the better. 

Now that players have tried out the Lost Santos Drug Wars DLC, it is time for them to experience some major gameplay changes in GTA Online. These changes have been designed to make the game more accessible for both new and older players.

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Spider-Vice, who serves as an admin for GTA Forums, has stated that Rockstar Games will be launching a series of updates one after another which will change the game significantly. Apart from the pricing of vehicles, players can expect to see some significant changes in the Oppressor Mk II. A new feature is all set to arrive in the game this week.

According to the post shared on GTAForums, the gaming publisher will be launching a new License Plate Creator sometime next week. Once this is launched, players will have the opportunity to put together as many as 30 custom license plates through a website and use them in the game. This has been designed in a way that it works as an alternative to the iFruit application which is no longer available.

The post also states that there are plans to bring in a bunch of important layout changes for certain missions in the game. These changes, reportedly, will be similar to the kind of alterations that were made in First Dose – Fatal Incursion.

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From April 27, 2023, players will also come across significant pricing changes in the vehicles. While the pricing of certain vehicles will go down, certain vehicles would become a little more expensive to acquire. According to the leak, the pricing of two vehicles, in particular, will go through a significant change. These two vehicles are ImponteRuiner 2000 and Ocelot Stromberg.

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