GTA 5 About To Get Second Biker DLC From Rockstar, Gear Up

GTA 5 Biker DLC

Rockstar is ready to release a huge DLC for GTA 5and it is all about building your own biker gang.

For a game like Grand Theft Auto, this makes perfect sense, especially with such a huge map to explore.

A lot of mods are already available for GTA Vand plenty of content has been rolled out by the developers at Rockstar. The online multiplayer is easily one of the best you could get with plenty of modes to explore. Besides, players have the choice to build their own gangster kingdom and become the star of their elite group. They can run businesses, their own mafia and own an apartment in one of the tallest buildings in Los Santos.

Rockstar is always mysterious about their new DLC launches. The upcoming Biker gang DLC is no different. We have managed to procure the information from multiple sources and confirm that this is the next big announcement scheduled to take place in the new few weeks. The DLC will be out in the month of August. There is no confirmed date yet.

GTA 5 Biker

In other GTA 5 related content, there will be at least one new vehicle to keep the Premium Race modes interesting. The developers earlier confirmed that they will bring out at least one car every week so as to make the race competitive. Keeping up with the words, Rockstar will launch it soon probably before the DLC is out.

As with all other DLCs, the biker gang DLC is designed to allow you to become a bike. Once you buy the bike and form a team, the next step is to start establishing a territory. There will be plenty of gun fights before you manage to secure your region. Once it is done, all that is left is to maintain the area and keep players who try to reach into your turf away.

With plenty of life left in GTA V, there is very little reason for Rockstar to talk about GTA 6 yet. But, those who love to speculate already claim that the new Grand Theft Auto is going to embrace virtual reality on a whole new level. Rockstar has a habit of spending five years or more in each game of theirs.

Based on this time period, virtual reality could be at its best when the next Grand Theft Auto gets released. Meanwhile, you can enjoy those mods and DLCs on GTA 5.

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