Jaguar Moves F-Pace SUV Into Next Production Phase

Jaguar F-Pace SUV

Jaguar is slowly pushing the new baby SUV, the F-Pace into its next production phases.

Just like its category, the car has been taking baby steps to find its way to the dealership stores.

The company’s representatives were spotted testing a shortened version of the F-Pace. The test mule was found to be cruising the streets in UK. Spy photographers duly caught them all in camera and you can view the spy shots here. A similar event occurred in the month of February this year. At that time, most assumed that it is the Range Rover Evoque. However, the new license registration confirmed that the one spotted was actually a Jaguar and not a Land Rover as speculated earlier.

The latest spy pictures reveal the F-pace model which is a much smaller version compared to the original design. It still uses the same Jaguar shell but will be compact and give passengers the convenience of driving a sedan along with the space a SUV would offer. The concept is quite complicated at the moment. But, good news is, Jaguar plans to bring it to the market at least two years later. By the time, technology would have evolved much leading to better platform, chassis that allows the baby SUV to achieve what it was originally meant to.

When it gets launched, the Jaguar F-Pace SUV is expected to be priced at £28,000. These are assumptions and there is no word on pricing from the automobile brand yet. Jaguar E-Pace is the speculated name but once again, the brand might choose a completely new brand name to identify all the models in the series.

Jaguar F Pace SUV

The chassis used for the F-Pace is much bigger and posed obvious hurdles when they tried to mount the smaller car on top of it. The team ditched it and moved onto a different chassis being used by the Evoque series cars now. The LR-MS chassis is used by Land Rover Discovery Sport. The particular chassis will be used up until 2022 because it is highly versatile and can easily adapt all the upcoming Jaguar models.

Talking about the smaller car, Ian Callum, chief designer at Jaguar said that they have no option but to go with a front wheel drive. It is the ultimate choice for any smaller car because of engine placement. The prototype version of the mule has been registered with a diesel engine. We can be sure that more powertrains will be offered on launch.

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