GTA 5 Import/Export DLC Brings Car Heists to GTA Online Players


Rockstar is showing no signs of slowing down as the developer gears up to launch a brand new DLC for GTA 5 named Import/Export.

The name sounds more like a way to ship cargo and run a business to make profit. But, Grand Theft Auto has never been making money the legal ways right? Encouraging more criminal activities, the developers now want you to steal cars and sell them for great profit to international locations. The Import/Export is all about successfully carrying out the heist with team co-ordination, high end vehicles and most importantly, you should evade cops who will always be in your tail.


Rockstar describes it as, “high volume exotic car theft” and the new DLC is part of the Finance & Felony expansion pack. It allows you to become the CEO of a shady organization which can deal with importing, exporting these sought after cars for a big price. But, doing such tasks demand exceptional skill especially when you have to tackle other players trying to get the same cars as you do. Police pursuits are one thing but human players think differently and won’t make any heist attempt easy.

“The new set of special vehicles deliver unique breed of vehicular mayhem and destruction on a large scale,” reads Rockstar’s statement in their website. The company is yet to reveal official details of the pack but they did launch some images that gives us a good idea of what to expect. GTA Online is already equipped to the brim with super cars, tanks and helicopters. It isn’t tough to imagine complete chaos when an exotic car is stolen from a location, with the police and other players in pursuit.


Players will be able to build their own warehouses as part of the Import/Export update. The place will be used as a storage spot to house the vehicles they steal until they can be sold for a good price. Besides, it is supposed to be really large that you can store up to 60 vehicles at the same time. It may also give a chance for other players to attack those warehouses! We can’t confirm if Rockstar allows such attacks but we hope they do!

GTA 5 will allow players on PC, Xbox One and PS4 to download Import/Export pack for free but the release date is yet to be confirmed. The developers may launch more expansion packs in the following months, offering the best after-sale content for a GTA game for the first time.

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