GTA 5 – Pleasantly Surprised to Find Easter Egg in Better Call Saul

GTA 5 Easter Egg

Once a video game becomes popular, other games tend to pick a scene or two from them in their own fare.

An iconic vehicle that has been featuring in the GTA 5 and GTA 5 Online games has been spotted in an episode of Better Call Saul recently. The car is Bravado Banshee and it is now in the garages of Flat 12 Gallery, the current owners of the car.

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Only a Few Seconds’ Onscreen Performance

The last aired episode of Better Call Saul has the two characters, Leonel and Marco Salamanca, appearing as The Cousins in this show. They are seen walking into their garage. This Season 5 episode is titled ‘Bagman’. You can see a fleet of fancy vehicles and that is where the Easter Egg moment happens. You get to see the Bravado Banshee in all its majestic glory there. The unmistakable bright blue shade with the white stripe can be sighted from any distance. There is very little else to connect Better Call Saul with GTA 5. The official Twitter account @GTASeries has tweeted the video clip of that episode.

The Background to the Bravado Banshee

If you are a regular player of the Grand Theft Auto games over the years, you would be quite familiar with this car. You had possibly owned it in the game. It has attained an iconic status having featured in all the versions of the games since GTA III. It is possibly the car running for the longest period in the game, except Infernus, the iconic automobile in the Grand Theft Auto series.

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The tweet by @GTASeries goes on to mention that the car was given away by Rockstar, West Coast Customs and Gamestop in 2013. It is said the vehicle has changed hands multiple times. The Flat 12 Gallery is said to be the current owner.

Those in the know claim the production team at Better Call Saul were looking for some luxury automobiles to be featured in their episodes and that is how this came about. Though there is very little information available to connect the two, GTA 5 and this series on AMC, it is pointed out there is another link. That is in the form of Steven Ogg. He has played the role of Trevor Philips in GTA. This is a maniacal character. Ogg has featured in Better Call Saul as well. There, he is cast as Mr. X, a mysterious character.

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