GTA 5 Online – Rockstar Offering Huge Bonuses and Attractive Offers in April

GTA 5 online

With people struck indoors due to Covid-19, most video games are seeing increased traffic. GTA 5 Online, one of the most popular games, is no exception.

The developer Rockstar is adding its bit by increasing the quantum of in-game rewards. The offers are across all platforms, PC, Xbox One and PS4. So, play as long as you wish and try and win up to a $1 million in-game reward. You have time until the end of April 2020.

First Pocket the Bonus on Logging In

The task of reaching the $1 million mark is made easy since the moment you log in, you are awarded a bonus of $500,000 credited to your in-game Maze Bank account. You will have to wait for the credit to reflect in the account balance and it may take a few days.

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The way it pans out is that there are large properties where the best cars are also parked. So, you will have to first invest your in-game cash in buying up the locations. Some of them can put you back as much as a million dollars. Once you have the property, you can go about buying the best cars. These don’t come cheap and can cost almost the same price as the location. Your wish to be behind the wheels of the best and fastest cars in the GTA 5 Online will then be fulfilled. Start earning more to reach these objectives.

More In-Game Cash to be Won

If you have got the $500,000 bonus, you can possibly add another $1.5 million through other activities in the game, again across the platforms.

One of the first things to attempt is to complete the Daily Challenges. You can easily locate the tasks for the day listed and start completing them one after the other. There are 10 Daily Challenges. Once you complete them all, you may find yourself richer by $1 million in-game cash. This may not automatically accrue but you stand a very good chance of earning the bonus which is right now available only till the end of April 2020. Besides the in-game cash, you will also receive a free gift in the form of the J Lager Beer hat.


Other Special Rewards Announced by Rockstar

Besides the above, there are other rewards to be won in the GTA 5 Online game. Stockpile, Air Force Zero, and Top Fun are eligible for triple the normal rewards. You get double the reward in the Smuggler’s Run Sell Missions. In the Lucky Wheel, the top prize currently is Imponte Deluxo.

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You can also save on your in-game dollars by availing hefty discounts on P-996 Lazer, Buzzard Attack Chopper, and on Hangars, Hangar Modifications & Add-Ons.

The Principe Deveste Eight and Benefactor Schlagen GT can be bought at half their respective prices.

Go ahead and have a great time with the GTA 5 Online.

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