GTA 6 – New Box Art by Fan Takes Cues from Narcos: Mexico

Box art by fans is the way fans vent their impressions on how they would want to see the game represented on posters and other sources.

The gaming community that is busy playing Grand Theft Auto somehow wants to see the developer Rockstar introduce the next part of the game, GTA 6. They probably have had enough playing GTA 5.  One such fan has taken to posting the GTA 6 box art on Reddit by giving expression to the various highlights of the game. While doing this, the artist-fan has kept in mind the series Narcos: Mexico that is streamed on Netflix. That is understandable since GTA has a lot to do with drugs and crime too.

Continued Hunger for GTA 6

There has been a torrent of posts of different kinds online the past few days, most of them in a way spelling out the fans’ desire to see Rockstar make the announcement they have been longing to hear. They may be ready to wait till 2021 to start playing the game but they want to hear the studio say it officially. Unfortunately for them, the studio has maintained a stoic silence about this.

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The only voices that are even remotely connected to the studio have denied all these rumors and there is no choice but to wait till Rockstar makes the formal statement of the GTA 6 launch plan.

However, you cannot stop the fans from saying what they wish to or posting box art as this fan homejsimson23 did on Reddit.

Made this Narcos Mexico themed GTA 6 cover art. from GTA

9 Images Included in the Box Art

There are 9 images boxed into one large poster. These include a police helicopter with ‘policia’ written on the tail confirming the Mexican/Spanish connection. Alongside is a gun-wielding woman character. There had been strong rumors of a female character being introduced in GTA 6, although this is something stoutly denied by the inside sources at Rockstar. You have a car, an aircraft and a motorcycle apart from a few more characters. As mentioned, there is the Narcos: Mexico theme mingled in this box art. All these add fun whether they ultimately translate into anything worthwhile or not.

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There have been sufficient hints over the past few months, some very subtle in nature that the GTA 6 version should be on its way. The strongest one is linked to the release of the next generation gaming consoles by Sony and Microsoft. Either both or at least one of them would want to launch with a major franchise like Grand Theft Auto. By current indications, PS5 and Xbox Series X are slated for a holiday 2020 release unless the ongoing Coronavirus crisis causes serious damage to the economy and the companies decide to postpone.

Let’s wait for clarification, hopefully by August 2020.

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