GTA 6: A New Screenshot of the Game Makes an Appearance Kindling More Debate

If you wanted a furious debate online about a video game, just post something on the sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto, or simply GTA 6.

There is so much going on about this game among the gaming community that it sometimes looks as if something official has come out. Take this new screenshot, supposedly of the GTA 6 game, which is doing the rounds. The immediate reaction among most of the people taking the first look at it would say it is a fake image. Fake or real, attention has been drawn to it and comments made for and against. It is difficult to take a stand one way or the other.

Screenshot Reveals Very Little

Whoever first posted this screenshot would have thought it will up the interest among the fans for the release of GTA 6. The image itself has the landscape of a city in the background with skyscrapers. The shot is very vague with most details missing. The significant part of this screenshot is at the bottom right of the screenshot where there is the watermarked Rockstar logo.

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So, the question some people are asking is why would the official logo of Rockstar appear there? Is it therefore for real and someone managed to steal the photograph? Then again, you go back to the first question, why there is no clarity in the picture?

An interesting pic making its way around twitter, some saying it matches the Miami skyline others saying it’s gta V modded.. from GTA6

Some believe it is a grossly photoshopped image of the city of Miami. This is because the rumors have it that GTA 6 will be set in the backdrop of Vice City, an imaginary township that bears a close resemblance to Miami. There have been muted denials to this too, in the past. It is safe to say that it is a very blurry picture and it appears to be a cleverly photoshopped distant shot of Miami. Nothing more.

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Fans May Still Wish It be True

The present mental outlook among the GTA fans is highly one-sided. They will take even this picture, though it may be a fake, to be yet another signal that the game’s release is close at hand. Any amount of sane advice that they should not believe anything that has not been said or released by Rockstar, doesn’t cut much ice. There is even the likelihood of a situation where the game does get released but Vice City does not figure in it as conveyed recently by a voice actor on GTA 5.

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