GTA 6 Fans Express Disappointment With Rockstar Games

GTA 6 Release Date

GTA 6 fans are not too happy with Rockstar Games refusing to divulge any information about the much-anticipated game!

Early last year, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on the development process of the next game in the GTA franchise. Though the gaming publisher didn’t announce the official title of the game, fans are quite certain that it will be called GTA 6. As soon as Rockstar shared this confirmation, fans believed that it would share many more updates regularly. However, that was not to happen.

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With time, fans have become increasingly frustrated about Rockstar not sharing anything about GTA 6. Fans are of the opinion that since the gaming company has already confirmed working on the development process of the game, they should drop updates once in a while. Rockstar deciding to stay mum on GTA 6 has led to a barrage of leaks and rumors most of which remain unconfirmed.

Through various platforms, fans are making it clear that this secrecy is not working for them. While Rockstar is, perhaps, doing this to build a good amount of anticipation for the game, the truth is that it is making fans more and more agitated. On social media, fans are constantly talking about how disappointed they are with Rockstar for not giving them any information or detail to hold on to.

Why did Rockstar announce that they were working on GTA VI in 2022?
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Many fans, on different platforms, have stated that Rockstar shouldn’t have announced the game so early when it knew that would take a while for it to ready. Rockstar confirmed working on the game in February 2022 and since then, it has not shared any update about the game. According to fans, the gaming publisher should have confirmed the existence of the game at a time when it was ready to share some pertinent information about it.

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