NBA 2K24: New Trailer Indicates The Comeback of the Jetpack

NBA 2k24

Though not confirmed by 2K Sports yet, there is a good possibility of the jetpacks being back in the game soon!

While 2K Sports unveiled the different editions of NBA 2K24 a couple of days back, it also made an announcement about players being introduced to some new modes in the form of Mamba Moments. The gaming company also confirmed that crossplay will be introduced to Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 very soon. Though fans have been given some information about the game, there is still a lot that they don’t know about.

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2K Sports hasn’t offered any pertinent details about the alterations made to MyCareer, MyEras and MyTeam, which happen to be the three most relevant modes in the game. MyCareer players, however, would be delighted to know that comeback of jetpacks to The City would seemingly be confirmed by the new trailer.

In the sixth season of MyCareer, jetpacks were introduced in NBA 2K23. Though the gaming company hasn’t given a clear confirmation about jetpacks getting back in the game, the new trailer features Josh Giddey, the Oklahoma City Thunder star guard, riding a jetpack. In the trailer, one can also see Giddey informing a player that 2K24 has crossplay.

If jetpacks weren’t returning to NBA 2K24, 2K Sports wouldn’t have given a shout-out to it. However, as stated earlier, there is no confirmation on it as yet. In 2022, 2K started sharing information and relevant details about players towards the end of August. This year, too, they might follow a similar pattern.

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It is important to note here that a bunch of players found a 2K community manager on Discord and no more information will be shared till late August. Since we are in July, one has to wait just a little more before we hear more about it.

On September 8, NBA 2K24 will be releasing on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. The different editions of the game are up for pre-order now. Those who purchase the 25th Anniversary Edition will receive an NBA League Pass that shall remain valid for 12 months. For NBA fans, this is a good time to get their hands on some lucrative deals.

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