Rockstar Games’ Patent Leak Gives Away Major Information About GTA 6


It has been a couple of weeks since Rockstar Games confirmed that their development team is working on putting together the next edition of Grand Theft Auto.

Though it has not been given an official title yet, fans are almost certain about the fact that Grand Theft Auto 6 is what it will be called. Their belief stems from the fact that the earlier games in the GTA franchise were named in a similar fashion.

While there has been a lot of buzz about GTA 6, Rockstar Games has not shared even a tiny bit of information about what one could expect from it. Many rumors and speculations have floated around but the gaming publisher hasn’t confirmed or denied anything from its end.

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A GTA 6 news and leaks account recently noticed a patent application put across by Take-Two Interactive. This particular patent application is for a multiplayer tool that gives multiple players the opportunity to interact with each other without having to go through extensive loading times.

The company is trying to patent ‘systems and methods for session management’ that shall enable ‘dynamic movement of players in a virtual world during gameplay without unnecessary loading and/or stalling.’

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Once this is brought into practice, active game sessions’ management can be made better while players move around in the virtual space. With this, the gaming publisher hopes to “effect a more realistic perceived population.”

GTA 6 News & Leaks claims that all this information points towards the team working on putting together an elaborate map that would enable players to drive their vehicles around online without any loading time. To ensure that this happens, the map has to be drawn out in a very detailed and elaborate manner.

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