GTA 6: Here’s What The Leaks and Rumors Have Indicated So Far

GTA 6 concept maps

The leaked videos, along with all the rumors that have surfaced online, have resulted in fans creating an image of GTA 6 in their mind!

Last year, Rockstar Games made a confirmation about working on the next iteration of the GTA franchise. Even though the gaming publisher has not even announced the official title as yet, the game remains in the news almost every day.

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Fans come across leaks and rumors pertaining to Grand Theft Auto 6 on a regular basis and that keeps the discussion around the game alive. Though Rockstar has decided not to share any updates about GTA 6 for a while, fans have built their expectations around the game based on the leaks and rumors that have come to the fore so far.

Here are some of the important things the leaks and rumors have indicated about GTA 6 so far:

Better Mechanics

While GTA 5 emerged as a massive success, many fans believed that the ragdoll mechanics in the game didn’t up to match up to the kind one witnessed in GTA 4. Ideally, the game should have gone a few steps further in this regard. The GTA 6 videos, which came to the fore as a result of the infamous September 2022 leak, showed that the character movements in the game were going to be far more advanced and realistic.

Sharp Graphics

When a new game in a popular franchise is about to arrive, fans expect it to feature improved graphics. Considering the fact that GTA 5 is almost a decade-old game, fans would want the graphics in GTA 6 to be much more refined. The September 2022 leaks, though featuring an early build of the game, confirmed the fact that the game would feature the kind of high-quality visuals that have never been seen in the game before.

Old Weapons

Old weapons

The LinkedIn profile of a former employee of Rockstar Games suggested that GTA 6 would feature a plethora of weapons that one got to use in some of the older games in the franchise. As per the information derived from the profile, the much-awaited game shall feature items like chainsaws and fire extinguishers which featured prominently in the older titles.

GTA 6 Map

Among other things, the leaked videos have confirmed that GTA 6 will feature an elaborate map revolving around GTA 6. As per the rumors, Rockstar will be putting together a bunch of buildings that will be inspired by the structure or architecture of some of the most popular spots in Miami, the city on which Vice City has been modeled. In the leaked videos, one saw many iconic landmarks like Quantum on the Bay Condominium, Opera Tower, New Arena Apartments and 1800 Club.

Multiplayer Mode

If the reports are to be believed, Rockstar Games has plans to launch the second game in the GTA Online franchise with GTA 6. Just like GTA 5, GTA Online, too, is almost a decade old. According to a leaked video, the game will have a multiplayer mode featuring a 32-plyer lobby. Though there has been no official announcement about the name of the game, many believe that it will be called Grand Theft Auto Online 2.

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