GTA Online Solo Money Glitch In The Game Enables Players To Make 10 Million

GTA Online Solo Money Glitch

Regardless of the console one is playing GTA Online on, one has the opportunity to earn a moolah using new solo money glitch!

In Grand Theft Auto Online, players often come across glitches or bugs that help them make a lot of money. While players can make millions of dollars by setting up a business, completing heists and participating in DLC missions, these activities require a lot of time and effort. GTA Online solo money glitch, on the other hand, helps players make a lot of money conveniently and with very little time.

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Now, players have stumbled upon a new glitch that helps them to earn 10 million dollars easily. What is truly interesting is that a particular GTA Online solo money glitch can be exploited on any console. In the past, there have been certain money glitches that one could exploit only on select consoles. Another important thing to note about this glitch is that a player can execute it solo.

A YouTuber named Musty Sky shared a video that had all the important details about this money glitch. First of all, a player needs to be in possession of a Facility and use it along with the Orbital Cannon. While these commodities come at a premium price, the player can expect to recover their investment by exploiting this glitch a couple of times.

While performing this glitch, the player would benefit greatly by having a bunch of saved outfits at their disposal. They can go to any in-game apparel store, assemble an outfit and save it using an option called ‘Edit Saved Outfits’.

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After this, the player would have to get into a public or private session in the game. After choosing the Pause Menu, they must click on ‘Online’ and use the Creator mode. Once the loading process culminates, the player will have to go to the Pause Menu again, move to Settings and alter the Targeting Mode to Free Aim. Once they do this, they will be able to join a new online lobby.

The next step involves the player entering the Facility they own in the game and using it as their spawn location. Using the Interaction Menu, the player can opt for a different outfit through the Style section. Taking this particular step will enable the player to save their progress in the game.

Now, the player has to go to the Orbital Cannon Room and trigger the “Press to Use the Orbital Cannon” option.  After clicking on the “Join Session” button, the player would have to go back to GTA Online and press the particular button that will lead them to the Orbital Cannon. When the player gets an alert notification, they should ignore it. The player is required to press the button on the D-Pad on their controller and then proceed to accept the notification. This time, when an alert message appears, the player needs to accept it.

After this, the player has to get the internet disconnected and reconnect it after a while. Now, they have to go to the main menu of their console and get back to the game after 30 seconds. If the player has followed all the steps diligently, they can expect GTA Online to load for 2-3 minutes and show an error message. The player to ignore the notification here, go to the main menu of the console and join the session of a random player.

After this, they can expect to be loaded into a player’s session. After accepting the notifications, players can become a part of an online lobby and receive a reward of $500,000. By exploiting this glitch multiple times, players can make millions of dollars.

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