GTA 6 in the Making While GTA V Tops UK Physical Game Sales Record

GTA 6 tops

Take Two bangs the game industry that sells like no other title.

Be it Activision or Electronic Arts, the two big players in the field, their titles like Call of Duty series and Battlefield has its own share of hits and flops. However, with an efficient development team like Rockstar behind them, they just make profit day after day.

In recent times, it was confirmed that GTA V is topping the charts in United Kingdom and many other regions. The game has witnessed the most sales in boxed format. While most gamers would prefer to go with digital copies, the brilliant gameplay, graphics and most important the amazing characters Rockstar created for GTA 5 possibly made it a favorite among gamers. When you buy the boxed copy, you get to show it off to people years later and also feel satisfied for owning a game that actually matters!


In the first half of 2017, Grand Theft Auto V had sold a massive number of copies, 334,280 to be precise till the month of June. The game beats all titles by being on top followed by Ghost Recon Wildlands, Horizon Zero Dawn which is a Playstation 4 exclusive title and FIFA 17. Activision’s most criticized game in recent times, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare occupies the fifth place in UK charts.

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Even before rumors started leaking, it was obvious that GTA 6 will be developed in due time. A recent resume of a stunt man named Tim Neff has confirmed that the game has already commenced production. The information comes from a GTA forum where some random player had managed to spot the game being mentioned in his resume. By this time, the forum members would have removed the image but we have captured the screenshot so that you could take a look. The resume mentions two different titles by Rockstar, namely GTA 6 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

GTA 6 reference

The production company and their dedicated team of developers at Rockstar are known for making some of the biggest titles of all time. They took years to finish and deliver the product primarily because they focus on open world gameplay which obviously needs a lot of development time and provides gamers with an experience like never before. When you spend time in the huge world of GTA V, you will probably realize that it is more like living in an alternate world and has own characters, storyline offering hundreds of hours of gameplay. An official statement is yet to be made.

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