GTA 6 Insider Claims a Change in In-Game Police’s Behavior

GTA 6 leak

According to the GTA 6 Insider, the police in the game will be a little more refined than the way we have seen them in the earlier games in the franchise!

Though Grand Theft Auto 6 has not even been unveiled yet, the much-awaited game continues to be in the news every day. Despite Rockstar Games remaining silent on the game, leaks and rumors ensure that it is discussed regularly by gaming enthusiasts and fans of the GTA franchise.

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In September 2022, a massive leak came to the fore owing to a network intrusion taking place at Rockstar. This resulted in fans getting a glimpse of the early gameplay footage of the game. While a majority of fans were happy to see some material pertaining to GTA 6 coming to the fore, Rockstar wasn’t pleased.

The gaming publisher, a whole after the leak happened, confirmed that it was genuine and expressed disappointment over it as well. Gaming experts were quick to point out that the leaked material was from an early build of the game and therefore, fans should not build their expectations based on it.

As soon as Rockstar got to know about the leak, it jumped into action and started the process of taking all the leaked material off the internet. However, by then, many of the fans had downloaded the material that had got leaked online. This material, needless to say, was analyzed in detail by fans and experts alike.

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Recently, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @GTAVI_Countdown, pointed out that the early footage that got leaked last year indicates a noticeable change in the behavior of the police officers. This GTA 6 insider stated that the police seems to be recognizing the vehicles of the players quickly and there was a certain depth with which they were carrying out their investigation. The user has also claimed that GTA 6 will show the police in a more refined avatar. Instead of appearing out of thin air, they will take some time to arrive at the crime scene.

While there is some credibility in the statements made by the user, there is an important thing that players must not forget. As stated earlier, many of the things that one saw come out as a part of the leak might not be a part of the game that eventually comes out.

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