GTA 6: Announcement Trailer Leak Suggests Game Could Be Out In 2024

GTA 6 concept maps

Those who had been praying for GTA 6 to release next year, might be happy to see the insinuations put forth by a recent leak!

While Rockstar Games confirmed developing Grand Theft Auto 6 early last year, everybody is well aware of the fact that the game has been in the development process for quite a long time. This year, GTA 5 will complete a decade of its release. Because of all these reasons, some fans hope to see GTA 6 released sooner than later.

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While some fans are sure about the game getting a grand launch next year, some believe it will hit the stores in 2025. The release date of GTA 6 is, undoubtedly, one of the hottest topics surrounding the game.

In September 2022, a major leak came to the fore. This leak featured a plethora of early gameplay footage and offered some confirmation on the setting and the two protagonists that will be seen in the game. After this leak emerged online, fans started wondering whether it is genuine or not. Soon enough, Rockstar confirmed that the leak, indeed, was genuine.

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While the leak gave fans a lot of material to go through, there was no sign of a trailer or release date. Since Rockstar has not even confirmed the title of the game, fans are not sure even whether it would be called GTA 6. While confirming the fact that it is developing the game, Rockstar stated that it is working on the “next iteration” of the GTA franchise.

A recent announcement trailer leak suggests that GTA 6 would be launched in 2024. While there is no confirmation on it yet, this is positive news for fans who were in no mood to wait for many more years for the game to arrive.

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