GTA 6: Title Announcement Trailer Could Be Launched During Game Awards


There is a good possibility of the gaming publisher unveiling the official title of the much-awaited game in a big way before the year comes to an end!

Last year, in February, Rockstar Games confirmed that it was working on the development process of the next iteration of the GTA franchise. Though the gaming publisher has not confirmed the title of the game yet, it is being referred to as Grand Theft Auto 6 by fans. Keeping Rockstar’s tradition of naming its games in mind, fans are quite certain that GTA 6 is what it would be called.

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While there is a lot of anticipation for the game, Rockstar has largely remained silent on it. While there is no clarity on the release date of the game, fans are hoping that the gaming publisher would share some material pertaining to the game leading to its release. According to recent reports, GTA 6 would be announced towards the end of the year.

As per an insider, who goes by the name Budz, Rockstar Games will be unveiling two new titles at the Game Awards 2023 event. The insider further stated that the gaming publisher shall put out an announcement trailer for GTA 6 which shall also feature the release date for the game.

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Rockstar Games, as expected, has decided not to react to these rumors. Since there has been a lot of chatter about the remastered version of Red Dead Redemption recently, there is a good chance of Rockstar making an announcement about it as well. Of course, there is a possibility of the second announcement being about some other game.

A couple of days ago, Budz posted a bunch of tweets that gave fans some idea about some of the important details pertaining to some of the titles Rockstar is working on at the moment. In one of these tweets, Budz can be seen making a claim about Rockstar launching a GTA 6 trailer in the month of November or December to make an announcement about the official title of the game.

Rockstar Games is one of those gaming companies that waits for important events to make announcements. However, this rumor about the gaming company revealing the title of the next GTA game has definitely got the fans feeling excited. While most fans are sure about the fact that ‘Grand Theft Auto 6’ would be the official title of the game, Rockstar making an announcement about it would make things official.

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