GTA 6 is Almost Nearing Completion, Rockstar Job Listing Indicates


Rockstar is tight-lipped about their next big launch but sadly they just showcased more of GTA V during the grand PlayStation 5 console launch event.

The job listings made by the company claims an entirely different story because it suggests that GTA 6 is nearing completion and an official reveal could be done anywhere before this year ends.


Everyone knows that a new Grand Theft Auto game is coming no matter what. Rockstar came out with the immensely successful Red Dead Redemption 2 on all platforms recently. With the game out of way, it is easier for the developers to focus on the next big installment from their team. A remastered version of the seven-year-old GTA 5 is already confirmed and it will be launched on Sony’s next-gen PlayStation 5 console. But, luckily the leaks confirmed that that will not be the only game to be launched in the near future as they have the next GTA 6 in progress.

Job Posting for Testers

Every time a game development company reveals a job posting for game testing services, it obviously indicates that they have a game ready for competition. The job role is to test the title on various aspects and ensure it works as intended.

The job posting has surprisingly been spotted in Rockstar India and it is a tradition where companies lease out their jobs to game developers around the globe. Besides, the company may also have decided to leave the US or Europe so as to avoid too much media attention. After all, GTA 6 is the most popular title of all times that is kept under wraps for years now.



We for sure know that such a game is in development but the publisher and developer ensured there are no leaks so far in this regard. Rockstar also has a presence in India along with the US, England and Scotland. It is no wonder they have started this job listing in one spot and might recruit people worldwide as such a huge game like this one would require months of testing before being revealed to the public.

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The full description of the job posting has been listed here if you are really interested in knowing more. However, if you happen to be a game tester living in India, you could possibly join the team and play GTA 6 ahead of everyone else. That’s a great job, isn’t it? Besides, it also confirms the game is close to completion.

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