GTA 6 Rumored Price Gets Mixed Response From Fans


While many fans would be willing to pay a premium price for GTA 5, this could affect the initial sales of the game.

It goes without saying that there is tremendous excitement for Grand Theft Auto 6. While fans are extremely excited about all that this much-awaited game will offer, they are a little concerned about one thing. Fans are worried they might have to pay a premium price for playing GTA 6.

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One of the biggest reasons behind this concern or fear is that GTA 6 is being billed as one of the most expensive games to be developed in gaming history. Some reports, which emerged in the past, indicated $1 billion being spent on the development process of the game. Not just one of the most expensive games, GTA 6 is also said to be one of the costliest media products to have been put together. Rockstar has already spent a lot of money on the game and by the time it comes out, a lot more cash would have been pumped into it. This will have a direct impact on GTA 6’s price.

The infamous September 2022 leaks offered one a glimpse into an early build of the game. Though the final game could look very different from the early build, it made one thing very clear. The leaked material served as a testimony to the fact that Rockstar was leaving no stone unturned to ensure GTA 6 comes across as a highly exciting and polished product.

While there is little doubt in the minds of fans about GTA 6 emerging as one of the biggest titles in the gaming industry, they are not too excited about the possibility of paying a premium price for it. There have been discussions in online forums about Rockstar charging a very premium price for the game. There is a strong chance of GTA 6 price being higher than the biggest games that were released in the last few years.

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On Reddit, CLGFilms shared a post asking fans to share their thoughts on the pricing of GTA 6 upon its launch. While a group of fans were confident about GTA 6 being priced at $70 or £70 upon its launch, there were many who were of the opinion that the game would be priced much higher. Some said that Rockstar might release different versions of the game and each version would be priced differently from the other.

Gaming experts have also shared their thoughts on the pricing of GTA 6. More than the game, they believe, the micro-transactions associated with it will lead to gamers shelling out a lot of money for it. There have been reports about GTA 6 having its own version of GTA Online. The game could have a lot of premium content for which one might be required to pay real money.

Since Rockstar and its parent company Take-Two Interactive made a lot of money through micro-transactions carried out on GTA 5, there is no reason why they wouldn’t try to make some cash by imploring players to make micro-transactions on GTA 6.

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