GTA 6: YouTuber Claims Game’s Trailer Will Be Out Soon


While most claims about the trailer or announcement of GTA 6 have turned out to be false, fans are still hopeful about getting some updates about the game soon!

Right now, what every GTA fan wants is an official announcement about Grand Theft Auto 6 by Rockstar Games. After confirming the existence of the game in February 2022, the gaming studio has largely remained silent about it. Since the last several months, all fans have been getting bombarded with rumored information and leaked files from various leakers and insiders. While everybody had been waiting for Rockstar to make an official announcement about the game that is yet to happen.

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According to Elrubius, a gaming YouTuber who happens to be the brain behind the YouTube channel elrubiusOMG, Rockstar will soon be releasing a trailer for the much-awaited game. Ever since the YouTuber made this claim on October 4, the gaming community has been very excited and is constantly discussing how this trailer will look.

Rockstar has responded to every leak and rumor pertaining to GTA 6 that has come to the fore in the past with silence. It has taken the same approach to responding to the claims made by this YouTuber. There is little chance of Rockstar confirming or denying these claims in the near future.

The aforementioned tweet, which was posted by the YouTuber on October 4, has garnered more than two million views so far. The tweet, which was drafted in Spanish, roughly translates to, “The GTA 6 is closer than you think”. When a GTA fan comes across a tweet like this from somebody who has some sort of credibility, one can imagine the kind of impact it creates.

Apart from having a good following on YouTube, Elrubius is quite popular on Twitter as well. The YouTuber, interestingly, is followed by the official X handle of Rockstar Games. This is one of the reasons why a large number of fans are taking the claims made by him very seriously.

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Though Elrubius has stated that a GTA 6 trailer will be launched soon, they haven’t specified any date yet. At the moment, there is a lot of chatter about the trailer launching on October 26, 2023. Since the month of September, the GTA community online has been discussing the possibility of an official announcement being made about the game in October.

While the hot topic of discussion at the moment is the announcement date for GTA 6, fans continue to wait for the gaming studio to drop some hints about the launch of the game. While some industry insiders believe the game will get a full-fledged release in October 2024, some are of the opinion that Rockstar won’t be able to get the game ready before 2025.

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