GTA Online Leak Indicates The Arrival Of Much-Awaited Feature

Grand Theft Auto Online

A GTA Online leak that has come to the fore very recently points out to a much-awaited feature arriving in the game.

Those who enjoy playing the online mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 can look forward to trying out this feature very soon. While this particular feature is commonly found in open-world games, it was not introduced in GTA Online for some reason.

This particular leak can be credited to a GTA dataminer who is referred to as Gaming Detective on Twitter. The dataminer was going through some important files pertaining to a recent update carried out in the game. That’s when he stumbled upon some interesting information that could be shared by fans.

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For a very long time, fans had been hoping for the addition of a fast travel feature in the game. The inclusion of this feature in GTA Online also raises hopes about a similar feature being added to GTA 6. If one goes by the information offered to us in earlier leaks, this feature could be locked behind GTA+. Apart from this, the dataminer also came across some strong evidence suggesting that a brand new property will be introduced in the game. There is also a good possibility of Wade, a character from the single-player campaign of the game, being the prominent face of the next update.

While many of the leaks surrounding GTA games have proved to be false in the recent past, this particular leak is the result of the dataminer sourcing out information from official files or documentation. Because of this, one expects a large number of fans to take this seriously. However, since Rockstar Games has not confirmed it, one cannot be sure about this piece of information is completely authentic.

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