Super Mario Bros. Movie and McDonald’s Tie-In Toys Get Leaked

Super Mario Bros

A picture featuring McDonald’s flier seems to have served as a confirmation for a Happy Meal toy campaign that is expected to be launched soon.

This campaign has been jointly organized with the team of Super Bros. movie to promote it. This is not the first time McDonald’s is joining hands with a movie for promotional activities.

In the last several years, the multinational fast-food chain has collaborated with several film production companies for marketing activities. Even several prominent have used McDonald’s as a vehicle for promotion in the past. The Super Mario Bros. Movie and McDonald’s collaboration will be very exciting for both the fans of the video game franchise and the food outlet. What is interesting is that both the movie and the food outlet cater to the same demographic.

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As of now, the Super Mario Bros. movie has been scheduled for a theatrical release on April 7, 2023. Though the film is five months away from hitting the theatres, Universal Pictures has commenced the promotional activities by releasing trailers for the film.

There is a lot of excitement around the film and Universal Pictures seems to be of the notion that this is a film that would benefit from a prolonged promotional campaign. The Super Mario Bros. movie is one of the most anticipated films of 2023 and this promotional campaign should prove to be beneficial to both the film and McDonald’s.

A picture of a flier for a Japan-based McDonald’s outlet has confirmed the fact that there is an understanding between the film’s marketing team and the fast-food chain for a major promotional campaign. The flier also showcases a schedule that has been divided into three distinct phases. While the first phase would provide fans with four Super Mario Bros. movie toys, the second phase will offer a different set of toys in the same space. While the first lot will be up for grabs between December 23 and December 29, the second lot will be available to fans between December 30 and January 5.

The first toy group includes Princess Peach, Mario making his way out of a green pipe and Toad inside a purple kart. There is also Donkey Kong along with a barrel perched on his shoulder. In the second group, you will come across toys featuring Mario in other avatars or situations.

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Since this information is featured in a Japanese flier, there is a chance that this promotional campaign will be limited to Japan and not be carried out in other countries. Even if this campaign is launched in other countries, the scheduling will be different. Now, one waits for a proper announcement of this collaboration to come through.

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