GTA Online Players Complete The $2 Trillion Requirement Associated With The Heists Challenge

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The Heists Challenge in Grand Theft Auto Online featured a $2 trillion requirement that could have sounded a little unreasonable initially.

However, now that players have crossed this mark, one can say that it was not that challenging. A bunch of gamers, cumulatively, managed to earn $4 trillion, thereby crossing this threshold comfortably.

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Rockstar Games recently confirmed this news and this came as a surprise to most players. The reason behind this is the fact the gaming publisher has maintained a stoic silence on this subject. Once the news got out, there was a lot of cheer in the GTA community.

On November 22, 2022, The Heists Challenge 2022 commenced, and it was made clear to all the players that they can participate in it only till November 30, 2022. To achieve the $2 trillion goal, gamers had to complete any of the heist finales. Everything they would have made from the heist finale would have been added to the total amount.

The ones who fulfill the $2 trillion requirement for The Heists Challenge will get a vehicle free of cost. At the moment, there is no clarity on what kind of vehicle would it be. It could be a stylish car, a massive plane, or some unique vehicle that surprises the fans completely.

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A ‘free new vehicle’ has been mentioned in the tweet , but no further details have been provided. There is a good chance of this vehicle being a part of the Winter DLC that is scheduled to release soon. At the moment, there have been no outside reports about this vehicle, so one has to keep guessing for the time being. There is a good possibility about Rockstar revealing some information about this mysterious vehicle in the near future.

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