Minecraft 1.19 Update: Blocks That Have Made The Game More Interesting

Minecraft 1.19 update

One of the elements that have contributed greatly towards making Minecraft the visual spectacle it is known to be today is blocks.

From food items to trees, a large number of things that you see in the game are defined by blocks. Every popular game out there has a distinctive visual style. Minecraft is known to adhere to visual grammar that is simple and effective. Fans identify the game for its ‘blocky’ structure which has now become synonymous with it.

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If a particular block in the game is highly popular, it means it means it possesses several stand-out qualities and offers gamers a high degree of functionality. Here are some of the most popular blocks in the game that have contributed greatly towards making it fun and engaging.


Sand happens to be a block in the game that you will find closer to the beach biome. In real life, you find sand near beaches and other water sources. That’s exactly the case with sand blocks in the game. The desert biome is purely made up of sand blocks. Apart from cosmetic purposes, sand blocks are used in crafting decorative glass pieces.


When you are playing Minecraft in its very early stages, you will find Obsidian to be a very useful block. It enables the player to put together a nether portal and step into the nether dimension. In this particular dimension, players can procure blaze rods and several other valuable resources. Obsidian is also popular for being a block that is excruciatingly difficult to break.

Crafting Table

After you cut down a tree in the game, you will invariably want to put together a crafting table. The crafting table proves to be very useful as it facilitates the process of crafting a variety of elements in the game. You can also use the crafting table to repair a variety of items like tools, weapons, and armor pieces.


A lot of players get a little surprised when they get to know that even the water they see in the game is made using blocks. Apart from village cauldrons, aquifers, rivers, and ponds, water can also be found in ocean biomes in the game. If you wish to have water in large quantities, you should dig into the ground. Water, as most players would know, helps in carrying out several activities in the game.

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