GTA Online Players Get Troubled Because of Infinite Loading Black Screen

GTA Online Update

As far as action-adventure games are concerned, there are very few games that can beat the popularity of the games that are a part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Even if you are not an avid gamer and play games occasionally, you will most likely have a good amount of information on the GTA series.

The latest installment in this series is GTA V that was launched in the year 2013. In the same year, Grand Theft Auto Online was released by Rockstar Games to enable many fans of the game to enjoy it in online mode. GTA Online allows 30 players to play the game at one time.

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GTA Online can be found on all prominent gaming platforms and it has received an overwhelming response from the large number of gamers who have played it in the last several years. While most users have enjoyed the game, there have been many who have complained about the presence of bugs in it.

What Rockstar Games must take into account is the fact that the number of users reporting bugs in the game has increased steadily in the recent past. There is another issue which the gaming company needs to look into seriously. Many GTA Online players have reported infinite loading black screen issues while making an attempt to get inside the Agency buildings.

GTA Online infinite loading

Gamers have stated that whenever they make an attempt to get inside the Agency building, they see the game getting into infinite loading black screen. Because of this, they find themselves being compelled to make a fresh start after waiting for a while. While some players have stated that this issue has cropped up occasionally, many have said that it has been happening rather frequently.

What is making matters worse is the fact that Rockstar Games has not acknowledged this bug yet. No workaround has been provided for this problem till now. Because of a minor glitch, players are being forced to start afresh.

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Gamers have found some relief what with an individual listing down the steps to fix this issue. Following are the steps that one is required to follow to resolve this issue.

  1. Open Task Manager using Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  2. Click on the ‘Performance’ tab
  3. Click on ‘Open Resource Monitor’ which you will find at the bottom
  4. Try to find ‘GTA5.exe’ and then, right-click it
  5. For 5-10 seconds, suspend the process
  6. Resume the process
  7. Continue with your session

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