GTA V Becomes The Most-Watched Game of 2021 on Twitch


When you think about it, you realize that Grand Theft Auto V was a game that was launched by Rockstar Games at a time when consoles were still in vogue.

Back then, most people wouldn’t have expected it to be relevant several years down the line. But, relevant it is!

According to the end of the year Twitch review by Stream Element, around 2.1 billion hours of GTA V’s gameplay was consumed by viewers. These are great figures, especially when you take into account that a large amount of new content was released in the recent past.

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While Grand Theft Auto V has emerged as the most-watched game on Twitch this year, it is the second most-watched piece of content on the platform. The Just Chatting category on the platform brought in the highest viewership and after GTA V, League of Legends received the highest number of views. Fortnite secured the fourth position by registering one billion hours of gameplay. The entire list can be accessed below.

GTA V Game list

Image Source: Stream Elements / Twitch

The kind of longevity GTA V has displayed is exemplary. Rockstar Games unveiled the game in September 2013 and it was lapped up in a big way by PS4 and Xbox One users that were a part of the ‘last console generation’. One of the things that helped the game stay relevant for so long was the fact that Rockstar Games made it a point to update the ‘Online’ mode of the game regularly. Very recently, a bunch of new story missions were added to the game. Some other major updates, including Tuners, marked several players coming together for events like car meets.

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Along with GTA Online, one of the things that has helped the game stay relevant and popular on the live-streaming platform is the flourishing role-playing community. There are many popular servers including the No Pixel wherein various streamers like xQc get to play different characters like that of a doctor or a cop. In one of the major server updates in 2021, Johnny Silverhand from Cyberpunk 2077 was introduced to the game.

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