GTA Trilogy PC Edition Owners Can Get a Free Game From Rockstar Games

GTA Trilogy

To make up for the troubled launch of GTA Trilogy – Definitive Edition and the several issues players had to face because of this, Rockstar Games has offered a copy of one of the company’s other games free of cost to PC owners.

Through this gesture, the company hopes that fans would forget the bad experience they had to go through during the launch of the aforementioned launch.

According to a report published by Eurogamer, Rockstar Games is offering PC owners of the GTA trilogy the option to choose from one of their five games, including Grand Theft Auto 5: Premium Edition, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition, LA Noire, Max Payne 3 and Bully: Scholarship Edition, and have it for free.

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The company has also issued a deadline to claim this offer. The last date to avail this offer is January 5, 2022. A player can redeem the offer by visiting the Rockstar Games shop. Alternatively, you also have the option of accepting 55 Gold Bards in Red Dead Online or a Great White Shark in GTA Online.

Upon its launch, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition received a lot of flak for the presence of bugs in a large number and massive technical issues associated with it. Some users also had some issues with the aesthetics of the game. The bugs didn’t let the players enjoy the game to its fullest.

As soon as Rockstar Games got to know about these issues, it instructed its team to start working towards resolving them. The delay in the physical edition for consoles is one of the results of these issues cropping up. The games’ original versions which were delisted prior to the remaster’s release shall be relisted on PC soon.

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