GTA Online: Rockstar Games’ New Update Fixes Bugs In the Last-Gen Version

GTA Online Update

For a while now, GTA Online fans have been waiting for an update that would mark the arrival of new features, missions, and storylines in the game.

What the fans have been asking for has finally been delivered to them, but there is a twist.

Rockstar Games recently rolled out a background update that was designed to resolve some pertinent issues related to the cutscenes in the game. There has been a major issue with the death cutscene of CrisFormage. GTA Online players get to witness this cutscene when they encounter death for the first time in the game.

A lot of players looked forward to a better gameplay experience after the launch of this update. However, what happened left them surprised, and not in a good way.

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Players, experiencing this game on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One came across a bunch of new glitches and bugs that made playing the game even less enjoyable. One of the most prominent glitches resulted in players being compelled to replay or rewatch older cutscenes. The presence of another bug forbade players from opening the Rockstar Games launcher.

As soon as players encountered these issues, they reported them to Rockstar Games through social media or by writing to the gaming publisher directly. Rockstar Games didn’t long to acknowledge this problem. After a while, they were able to resolve the issue.

Two of the major issues faced by the gamers because of this update were facing the compulsion to revisit all the mission tutorials along with the old cutscenes. Players also received unwanted waypoints that acted as a hindrance to them moving ahead in the game.

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Many players also faced some problems with Grand Theft Auto 5’s single-player mode. While the process of switching characters became more time-consuming, many glitches were found in the director’s mode as well.

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