Sims 4: Developer Maxis Working Towards Launching A New ‘[Redacted]’ Update


The developing team at Maxis has begun teasing The Sims 4 fans about a soon-to-be-launched ‘[redacted]’ update.

From whatever little information one has received about it so far, the update seems to be quite big and important. However, till now there is no concrete update on the kind of content it will have.

The Sims Community noticed that Maxis developers have been quite excited about an update they are trying to develop. As soon as the news of it spread among fans, they started looking for more information about it frantically but to their disappointment, the developers have maintained a stoic silence on it. At the moment, the update is being referred to as ‘[redacted]’.

Molly, who is a part of the production team at The Sims 4, tweeted that it happens to be the very first [redacted] they are working on. They further added that a lot of information will be shared with the fans at the right time.

At the moment, there is hardly any information that could give one an idea of what could be expected from the upcoming update. Salo, who works as a concept artist for the game, has stated that the ‘[redacted]’ update will feature a brand new pair of shoes.

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George, who works on The Sims 4, shared further information on Twitter. He tweeted that the team is “playtesting the new [redacted] feature”. There is a strong chance that cosmetics will not be the only important element in the new gameplay feature. Now that we know the update is being playtested, there is a good chance of it arriving sooner than later.

In January this year, Maxis had shared a roadmap for the game. This particular roadmap, however, offered fans a glimpse of only the kind of content that will be rolled out in the first three months of this year. There has been no information on the kind of content one could expect to be included in the game after March.

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Ever since the roadmap was released, one has witnessed a plethora of updates being rolled out for the Sims 4. While January marked the arrival of new cosmetics in the game, the much-talked-about My Wedding Stories was released in the month of February. In the first week of March, the company released Décor To The Max, a particular piece of downloadable content that featured a variety of colorful décor aimed at pleasing players who were a fan of maximalism.

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