Electronic Arts Gets Influencer Bretman Rock On Board For Its International Campaign

Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts recently commenced the promotions for the fourth entry into The Sims by branding it a ‘self-discovery tool’ and getting social media personality and beauty influencer Bretman Rock to lead the international campaign.

The campaign that has been titled ‘Find Yourselves’, is designed to create awareness around the Sims’ ability to enable users towards creating different versions of themselves and figure out the attributes they can have within the game and in real life. Two spots that show multiple versions of Bretman Rocks have been released and include interesting avatars like a Sassy Dad, Urban Cowboy, Teenage Goth, Excited Astronaut and Motherly Chef.

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On TikTok, players can participate in the challenge with the help of an augmented reality effect customizable filter and using the hashtag #SimsSelves. While being a part of the challenge, they can try out the various personalities related to the game. Players have also been asked to share their experiences on how The Sims has made it more exciting for them to use social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

According to the data shared by Electronic Arts, #SimsSelves has garnered more than 7.8 billion views so far.

Out of home activity will be carried out in different cities in the United States like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. During this promotional activity, users will get the opportunity to dial a particular phone number and hear a voicemail featuring the voices of the many versions of Bretman. Bespoke audio ads shall be played on A Million Ads and Spotify and further familiarize the listeners with these characters. The company has put together a bunch of other advertising elements that will play out on platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram, Buzzfeed, Hulu, WattPad and Freeda till January 3.

In a statement given to Adweek, Julia Victor, senior director and head of brand for The Sims, stated that they are continuously towards making the game be one of the best platforms for players to explore and create many interesting things without any limitations or boundaries.

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Describing Bretman as the “ideal talent partner”, she stated that the company was extremely excited to have collaborated with him on this campaign. She further stated that Bretman is someone who exemplifies a lot of things the brand stands for. According to her, Bretman advocates the idea of an individual being true to themselves and that’s what they aim to convey through this campaign.

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