GTA V and Minecraft Top the Charts for July PlayStation Sales

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Sony PlayStation store charts for the month of July were  released recently and Grand Theft Auto  V and Minecraft have yet again made it to the top of the list.

The list revealed the highest selling PS4 games in the United States and Europe, and the top 2 positions in both the regions have been held by Grand Theft Auto V and Minecraft.

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GTA rocks in Europe, while Minecraft’s empire builds up in the USA

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto capped the number one position on the list of top-selling PS4 titles in Europe for July, and Microsoft’s Minecraft was close behind on the second position. Interestingly enough, the tables were turned in US, where Minecraft sold the highest number of PS4 titles in July, and Grand Theft Auto V ranked second.

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Keeping aside GTA V and Minecraft, the gaming preferences of PS4 users in Europe and US vary a lot, if the charts are to be believed. For instance, games like FIFA 19, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, and EA Sports UFC 3 made it amongst the top 5 highest selling PS4 titles in Europe, but in the US, they barely made it to the top 10. Similarly, Star Wars Battlefront II and Plants vs. Zombies garden warfare 2 were shortly behind GTA V and Minecraft in the top 5 list in the US, but they weren’t to be found in the top 10 for Europe.

Apparently, the only games other than GTA V and Minecraft in the top 10 list were Marvel’s Spiderman (2018) and Rocket League. While Spiderman stood at 6th position in the lists for both regions, Rocket League stood at number 8 and 9 in Europe and US respectively.

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This is yet another record breaking news for GTA V, as Rockstar revealed to The Hollywood Reporter a couple of weeks ago that July saw the highest number of active players on GTA V ever since its release in 2013. The credits for these record-breaking numbers undoubtedly go to Diamond Casino, the game’s latest DLC element that has brought with it a plethora of players. Not only did GTA V sell the most PS4 titles, but it was also the highest selling game in all of UK for the first half of 2019, and also one of the highest selling games in the world during the same period.