Here’s why GTA 6 could be a next-gen exclusive affair, if at all it will be released


There’s a new update on the upcoming GTA 6, one of the world’s most highly anticipated video games as of now.

It’s being speculated that the upcoming PlayStation 5 and Project Scarlett are going to launch in 2020, which could mean that the upcoming GTA 6 would be exclusive to next-gen gaming hardware setups only. This adds more credibility to the rumor that has been going around for a while which said that GTA 6 might not run on present gaming console hardware like Xbox One and PS4.

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Ever since the rumors about PS5’s release got out, the fan theory on Grand Theft Auto 6 being exclusive on next-gen gaming setups has gained a lot of traction online. However, GTA’s parent company Rockstar Games has not said a word on this. In fact, Rockstar hasn’t even confirmed whether a GTA sequel is in the works or not, let alone its release date. The last update from Rockstar came in a statement to The Hollywood Reporter a couple of weeks ago, when they announced that GTA V had raked in the highest number of active users this July, ever since its release in 2013.

Why GTA 6 should be cross-gen?

Although there’s no doubt that the next-gen gaming hardware like PS5 will revolutionize the way video games are played, they’re still almost a year away from release, and at least a couple of years from burgeoning. On the other hand, it was recently reported that Sony’s PS4 has shipped more than 100 million units as of 2019, making it one of the biggest gaming hardware of all time.

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And that’s just one brand’s console. Add the number of Xbox One’s, and Nintendos, and PCs out there that millions of gamers around the world are still buying, and the figures would go up at least a couple of hundred millions higher. In fact, Rockstar games used the same move in 2013, when they launched GTA V on Xbox 360 and PS3, before launching it on current consoles.

What’s in store?

So if GTA 6 is really going to come out in 2020 like the rumors say, it would make perfect sense for the game to be available on cross-generation consoles, because millions of PS5 and PS4 players will be able to play the game together. As of now, all we can do is sit tight and wait for any official update from Rockstar, and bet our chips at the Diamond Casino in the meantime. Stay tuned for more updates on GTA and the PS5!